Meet Lil’ Miss Lily


We have a new baby girl!  Lily is our newest addition, and we are ELATED to have her join our family and farm!  Lily is a Akbash, Great Pyrenees, Maremma Sheepdog cross. Her papa is pure Akbash and her mama is 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Maremma Sheepdog. All of these breed types are primarily used as livestock guardian dogs.

Here on our farm at Fossay Herefords, we have had 2 other Great Pyrenees dogs (over the past 15 years) — R.I.P. our dear Blue and Max.  Blue and Max were not only awesome guardians for our cattle… but also the most friendly, loveable, huggable, big white teddybear family dogs EVER!  Such protective, loyal companions… perfect for a farming family!🙂

Today was a VERY exciting and fun day for us!  A couple weeks ago we heard about these pups, and jumped at the chance of getting one… as we were hoping to get another livestock guarding dog soon… so the timing was perfect when we heard about this litter.

Jen and I travelled to Lac Du Bonnet this afternoon to meet and take home our 7 week old Lily.  Her owners were such friendly folks… that did such a wonderful job of taking care of all 8 pups from the litter (2 girls and 6 boys).  We were so glad to meet them, and the drive out to Lac Du Bonnet was so BEAUTIFUL on this bright, blue, sunny Manitoba day!

I’m ashamed to admit that this was the first time I travelled to beautiful Lac Du Bonnet… and so I should be!  What a beautiful drive it was!  Truly the heart of Manitoba cottage country!  Last April 2012 F3 Designs (my home based biz) designed and developed a website for a lodge in Lac Du Bonnet — check it out Tall Timber Lodge!  After the beautiful drive today, I know that I’ll for sure make my way out that way again! So beautiful, and such an easy and nice drive!

We just finished putting Lily to sleep for the night… so now for a little photoblogging from our day, to share our new love with you!🙂

Duke & Daisy

First we meet Daisy & Duke (Lily’s GORGEOUS and oh so friendly mama & papa).

The Pups

The pups! 1 other was picked up just before we picked up Lily…that’s why you only see 7 of the 8 in this pic. I believe there’s still 4 boys in need of new owners!  If you live on an acreage, one of these pups is for YOU!

Just as we arrived the pups were waiting to be fed. Num, num, num!

Jen & Lily

Jen & Lily… just getting ready to leave for the long ride home. Lac Du Bonnet was just under a 2 hour drive for us. We would’ve driven MUCH further for Lily!😉

Just got into the van, and Jen’s already getting kisses.  I was wishing Jen was old enough to drive, so I could steal all the cuddles and kisses on the way home! Not fair!

Lily gets comfy for the ride home. Pookie wookie ookie! Little iddy, biddy, baby boo!  Ya… what else do you say to this kind of cuteness?!

Welcome to your new home Lily! First off… some snuggles in the house.

Is this chair all for me? Awe… you shouldn’t have.

But I’m glad you did!

Lily meets Matt… Matt’s heart melts (he won’t admit it… but Lily has already stolen his heart).

Lily meets Maggie. After much sniffing, sniffing, sniffing and more sniffing… it didn’t take them long to become good friends!🙂


Wait a second!  I’m still the princess around here tho right? This lil’ white ball of fluff with a face isn’t as princess as me!

Zzzzz… what a long day!  Don’t get too cozy lil’ Lily… we have to take you out to the barn for the night. Sorry sweet girl… we’ve made a real cozy, warm spot for you tho!

Lily’s new bedroom even comes with a heated sleeping pad. All 4 of us went out to settle her in for the night… she’s got her own little spot in the barn with the mama cows and new baby calves.

Nighty night lil’ miss Lily!  We will see you FIRST THING in the morning our little schmookie wookie. Sweet dreams till then lil’ one. xoxo

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