What farm wives get for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  If it’s slipped your mind, take note that it’s only a week away!  Next Sunday May 10, Mom’s around the world will be honoured and celebrated in many different ways.  I for one, was celebrated a week early, in a VERY different way indeed (a farmwife way)!

No… I did not receive flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed, dinner out, or a spa day.  I received something MUCH, MUCH better! Wait for it… Continue reading

“I think we’re in heaven”

How do you imagine heaven?  Will it be where your troubles will melt like lemon drops?  Will you spread your wings and fly in heaven?  Perhaps in heaven you will fly higher than an eagle?  We can only imagine right?

For me, I imagine all of this and more will be in heaven… and I’m certain there will also be plenty of dog paws to inhale in heaven.  Lots of them.  More than I could ever imagine or dream of.

Frito Paws

What do you mean you’ve never smelled your dogs paws?!  Well go ahead, get on it!  Grab your fur babies’ paw and bury your nostrils right into it.  Mmmmm… aaaahhh… they smell like Doritos don’t they?  Or maybe Fritos is your choice of taco chip?  Not a taco chip fan, how ’bout popcorn?  Corn chips?  Peanuts?  Almonds?!  Oh c’mon, there must be some salty treat that you simply love?!  Smells heavenly doesn’t it?! Continue reading

Who are you, and what did you do with my husband?!

Meet my Farmer husband and I.

My Farmer Husband and I

He looks pretty sweet doesn’t he?  YES… he cleans up very well, he’s my kind of perfect, and yes he is the sweetest of sweet, but there’s a BUT! Continue reading

NO… please don’t!

“NO… please don’t (insert seriously cringed face here)!”

Those were my words when my 14 y/o son casually mentioned at our dinner table that he might want to be a Farmer when he “grows up”.

And that was also when I stopped breathing for a moment.

Farming is a gamble. Gambling is risky, problematic, perilous, insecure, doubtful, uncertain and dangerous!

Could you breathe if this is what your child wanted?! Continue reading

7 Bad Boys!

My Farmer n’ kids went to the Jets game tonight. I stayed home to work and keep an eye on our calving cows. I thought it would be somewhat of a quiet evening… till I looked out the window around 6pm and saw a bull standing in the middle of our driveway!  Seriously?!  Tell me my Farmer didn’t leave the gate open!

YUP… he did, and the bulls were OUT!  I tried to get ahold of him, and learned that he left his cell phone in the van… of course!  Thankfully our son had his phone with him!  They called me and explained what pen I  needed to chase the bulls back into.  And like I can do this by myself?!  Well, I tried… and realized very quickly I wasn’t going to accomplish this on my own.  So I called a neighbour… a very good neighbour… and thankfully he came to give me a hand.

Bad Boy

This is bad boy 1 of 7. He thinks this is funny! He’s not getting any grain tomorrow!

Continue reading

My Farmer… The Finest #FELFIE Out There!

Felfies (selfies of Farmers) are self portraits of Farmers around the world doing their best to keep everyone fed. It’s a way for us Farmers to represent our industry, whoever we are, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.

#FELFIE a Farmers’ Self Portrait

How could I resist this new rage?  My Farmer is pretty fine (OK really fine)… so when I heard about farmingselfies.com, it was time I explained to him what a selfie is, and that he needs to start snapping some. It just so happened that was yesterday… when here in Manitoba CANADA we were experiencing -47C temps with the windchill. Ya… stupid cold… but nothing my Farmer and our herefords can’t handle! Our cattle quite possibly look forward to the colder weather… cuz for them that means extra straw to keep them warm, extra hay to fill their bellies, and a treat of grain just to remind them how much we love them.🙂

Continue reading

Oops!…I Did It Again

Yes, I’ve once again lost all my senses… because that is just SO typically me when it comes to PUPPIES!  Sure, all puppies are adorable, but when I met Charlie he redefined the word.


Continue reading

A Farmwife Can Dream Right?

It’s harvest-time… which means I’m laying by the pool, eating popsicles and working on my tan.  Haha — a farmwife can dream right?

Although that’s what I wish I was doing… in reality while “the men” are out harvesting, I’m doing my little part to help make their life a little more pleasant during their long, hot, dusty, itchy harvest days.  Instead of working on my tan I’m working my own business, trying to fit in endless hours of yard work, fighting with my old lawn-mower (grrrr), doing my best to keep our kids happy and busy while they’re out of school, and taking meals out to the field (a.k.a tailgate dinners) for my Farmer and crew. Continue reading

40 Will Be Fabulous

I’m like many other 30-something’s out there. Living through a ridiculously busy time of life, quite often feeling misunderstood and overwhelmed, and wondering if life will ever slow down… “I feel like my brain is a web browser and I have 2,857 tabs open all the time”… and amidst all the chaos, I wonder how it is that I got to be 39 years old so fast, and OMG I’m gonna be 40 next year!


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Let’s Go Kids!

Camping! A word and thought that had to leave my vocabulary and mind when I married my Farmer 16+ years ago. For those of you that don’t camp, you may think “So what?!”… but camping is something I always thought I would do with my kids one day, and I have yet to do it… and they’re growing up FAST!


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